Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a"pest management system that uses all suitable techniques in a total management system, to prevent pests from reaching unacceptable levels, or to reduce existing pest populations to acceptable levels."

Purpose: To manage pests with the least possible impact on people, property, and the environment.

The IPM Law in Michigan

The Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, Act 451 of 1994, as amended, and Regulation 637 require that before a pesticide application is made in schools, public buildings, and health care facilities, two things must take place:

  1. A pesticide applicator must attend a Michigan Department of Agriculture approved IPM Training Program before making a pesticide application in schools, public buildings, or health care facilities.
  2. A verifiable IPM Program must be in place for each building.

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Resources for parents: 

IPM at home can start outside

School IPM - Things for parents to consider

District IPM Contact Information
Glenn Bachelder - Facilities Director
Phone: 616.252-2083 • Fax:616.245.2548
State IPM Contact Information
Michigan Department of Agriculture
Pesticide & Plant Management Division
P.O. Box 30017, Lansing, MI 48909
PH: (517) 373-1087 • FX: (517) 335-4540