Wyoming Police Department Introduces
"School Safety Check" Initiative

Contact: Kim Koster: City of Wyoming, (616) 530-7323

WYOMING, Mich., May 15, 2013 - In continued partnership with the five school districts
in their community, the Wyoming Police Department has successfully implemented a
School Safety Check initiative aimed at keeping kids safe in school.

Every school day, a uniformed patrol officer will visit each of Wyoming's 40 public,
private and charter schools. This proactive approach is designed to complement the
community policing practices that the Police Department has been using in Wyoming's
neighborhoods and schools for the past 20 years. The goal is to build strong
relationships with students and their parents, and to remind students, parents and
Wyoming residents that the police department is an available resource - and not just
after a crime has been committed. ·

"In a word, the initiative is about presence," said Lt. James Maguffee. "Before we started
this program, we would get panicked calls from parents who had seen a police car in a
school parking lot. We want to make a positive police presence commonplace in and
around all of Wyoming's schools."

The program is proving to be a success, with tremendous support from school
administrators and from the patrol officers, who are dedicated to keeping the school children of Wyoming safe.

If you would more information on this program, please contact Captain Kim Koster at