School News Network

Godwin Heights Public Schools is part of the School News Network, a new source for education news throughout the region. This is a new effort to better inform our communities about what's happening in our schools.

School News Network will better describe what's going on in our schools and in schoos throughout the region to keep everyone up to date on what's happening

What you'll find are stories about great teachers, students and student generated content not available anywhere else.

Our district is not using tax dollars to finance this new communications effort. Instead, our district website hosts a banner advertising of local and regional business partners to create a revenue stream to finance this new effort to keep you informed about what's happening in education throughout the region.

The advertising partnership was developed between our district, a Michigan company named ARD/Unite, and Kent ISD. Our goal is to improve communication to parents and community members without taking resources from the classroom.

None of the business communication provided through this relationship will be directed at students while they are in our school buildings.

We hope this new partnership will provide better communication to you and also provide new opportunities for you to connect with our district and our community businesses.