At North Godwin Elementary, technology is utilized to enhance the student learning process and deliver the instruction.

We are fortunate to have 100% of our Kindergarten - 4th grade classrooms with interactive Smart Boards, projectors, document cameras, and at least 3 student classroom computers. We have this same technology in our ELL, special education, and reading classrooms. We also utilize two Neo2 carts with approx. 30 Neo2 units per cart that can be used for Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Math, Math Facts in a Flash, Keywords (typing), writing lessons, and as a response system. A 30 device Classroom Response System is used in our upper grades to capture real-time assessment data to gauge student understanding and identify individual learning needs and alter instruction as needed. Our Team21 program offers the use of their 30 Dell laptops and mobile cart as a secondary mobile lab for our students.

As we use technology in the classroom we can:

•Instill technological confidence in students and staff

•Enhance the educational process with software and lessons designed by teachers that meet our state and national standards.

Provide experiences that build skills for future success

•Use computers, both individually and in teams

•Increase our school community's ability to use essential software: word processing, spreadsheet, database and the World Wide Web.

•Create an atmosphere of honesty, individual accountability, and respect for others both in real life and online interactions.

Much of our technology comes from state and federally funded programs such as our Title 1, Title 3 (ELL), and Title 2d, as well as a local technology bond.

North Godwin Elementary has 5 teachers who are active members in the district technology committee. The district technology committee helps to guide the integration of technology into the curriculum and plan the future direction of technology within our schools. They are also charged with maintaining the districts Acceptable Use Policy (A.U.P.). Whenever possible we seek out FREE software applications or web based programs vs. software that is purchased.

North Godwin Elementary teachers participate in personal learning networks that connect them to resources far beyond our walls. This helps our teachers to stay current on curriculum and technology as well as strategies for delivering the curriculum.