EveryStudentIt's a fact that students who attend school regularly learn more and are more successful in school than students who do not. Parents who make regular school attendance a priority are also helping their children learn to accept responsibility...and that's an important lesson for success in life! Attendance patterns are formed early in life. Children who develop good attendance habits in the early grades will be more likely to continue them throughout their school career. That's important, because when a child misses school, they miss carefully planned sequences of instruction. They miss out on active learning experiences and class participation. They are more likely to fall behind, and, sadly, they are more likely to drop out.

What Can Parents Do?

1. Let your child know that you expect them to attend school every day.
2. Set a time for doing homework each evening, and a time for going to bed.
3. Get involved with your child's school. When they see you in the classrooms or assisting with homework, they will know that you value their education.

Attendance expectations for all students in the Kent ISD are:

1. that a child miss not more than 10 days excused absences for the entire school year,
2. that a child have no unexcused absences for the entire school year.
3. and that a child have not more than 5 tardies by the end of each school year.

Parent Reminder: all absences need to be called into the school office on the day that they occur. Thank you!